Saturday, December 11, 2021

Transparency and Merit: Stoic Calm!

 Remain stoic, please.  We are going through a bumpy patch in American life right now.  Masks, steady stream of vaccines on offer, division, economic collapse looming, inflation, millions of jobs lost, power hungry media offers nothing but propaganda and negative programming and the strip clubs in Mr. Midnight Movie's home-town were shut for over 1.5 years.  

Tough times.  And to make matters worse, JP and MMM are so far deep in opposition against one another that podcasts have even proved challenging between good friends.

During this holiday season, we continue to stream live shows on youtube, search for:


And also, during this holiday season we hope you remain stoic, balanced, fair and peaceable to yourself and those all around you, and as we march towards the sun's lowpoint in it's annual journey we wish you happiness and joy.  

Thank you for all of your amazing support!

JP and Brian (MMM)

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