Saturday, August 30, 2014

John Wayne and Civil Rights: A Mr. Midnight Movie Interview

John Wayne had some controversial views in his day, and he'd be even more controversial were he alive today in this world of political correctness. Listen to Mr. Midnight Movie interview Scott Eyman, author of John Wayne, The Life and Legend, a New York Times Best Seller this year.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

JP's Skype Chat With Mr. Solution

MR. SOLUTION: Hello JP, I ttrust that my communication finds you in the highest of spirits ;) Please see below the email that I forwarded to our beloved Truth Clown #1... Hi Truth-Clown; send me the link to your new show on Spreaker. Being an internet 1st amendment Super Hero, I knew one of your superior debate prowess could not be party to such a vaccous wiin as was alleged in our most recent debate debacle. Mr. Solution - I am also cc-ing our lovable villiage idiot and twin Truth Clown JP.


Jewish Producer: I will forward this to the world and Mr. Midnight Movie, grammatical errors/typos included. Also remember that you went running to Goofybone as if you were about to attempt some grand coup de grĂ¢ce on MMM and please, if I may, fart in your general direction. This was a cowardice, transparent gambit. Smooth move, exlax. I look forward to more of your similarly fumbled punts.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mr. Midnight Movie on Muhammad

Tonight we join the SkypeAssholes for their take on the Michael Brown controversy in St. Louis. However, anyone who knows the SkypeAssholes also knows that keeping to a point and discussing it without some major bloviation stomping down on the throats of our message is just going to be a difficult chore. Fun times anyway.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Needs To Stop White Guilt

Tonight, Mr. Midnight Movie is irate over the riots in Missouri. To him, there are a wild bunch of narcissistic political game players that are impacting this horrific scene. Take a listen and leave some comments if have nothing better going on in your life.

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