Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jewish Producer Goes to the River

It would have been a typical day at the river had not a giant gang bangin' alcoholic weed-freak "jumped" off a boulder. Observe as the big man literally runs down the side of the rock before making an atomic splash. I'd be lying if I said this didn't help make the day more special than it already was. Thank you, gang bangers.

Stop White Guilt: This One's for America

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jewish Producer Speaks Out About His Experience Working With Mr. Midnight Movies' No White Guilt Show

One day a big man came to me and said "I want to put on a multi-media show that will discuss some inflammatory aspects of our culture."  I told him to "count my honky ass in."  Thus began our journey to the land of milk n honey.  Or so I thought.  Seems there's been a great number of roadblocks that stand in our way to just do what we felt is a slam dunk.  Our notion of the destruction of some of America's most sacred artifacts isn't as easy of a sell as we imagined for one simple fact that Mr. Midnight Movie himself suggested: "We all walk on eggshells because of the political and cultural climate of today."  Well said, big man.

The next day, I recommended to the big man that Blog Talk Radio would be an interesting format to test market our brand of political and social unrest reconstruction. I thought it would last one show, but it has somehow continued on now for a couple of years.  Along the way we have met an interesting cross-section of people, including a retarded man from China, a green blooded monster in Texas, a dead wrestler, dedicated listeners, socialists, separatists, rapists, hacks, trolls, gangsters, dictators, sweet honey bears, straight racists, murderers, talk radio lovers, straight haters, drunks, sluts, lesbians, queers, a variety of blacks/Asians/Mexicans, an albino, a clown, a child-abuser, and Mr. Solution.

Now Mr. Solution attempts to spread fear through his verbal might.  Damn be anyone who won't have it.  And damn those who disagree.  See the thing I fear most, as one of my heroes Charles Bukowski once said, is "The thing I fear discriminating against is humor and truth."  See, I have my doubts that Mr. Solution has any real sense of humor, and for him, truth is concealed only in a box with 6 sides. 

The concept of white guilt has never really been of much noted interest to me.  Despite Solution's assertions I never pulled any strings to this regime.  The topic meant nothing to be before I met Mr. Midnight Movie, and now the phrase has become packed with meaning.  Blanket messages aside, I now look forward to Mr. Midnight Movie's next white guilt lecture.  My role, however minuscule in these "teachings" is being that mirror that MMM requires to find clarity, singularity and truth in what he is attempting to present to a growing legion of citizens of the world. I've accepted my role with scrutiny and belief in the ability to accept perspective and opinion and adopt it with my world views.  But in the two times that I've engaged Mr. Solution in speak, he has erred in favor of censorship, might makes right.

Maybe there is a sensationalizing of the facts behind what Mr. Midnight Movie finds of particular relevance.  It don't bother me none because his concerns are as real as he makes them to be which leaves me to judge independent of his thoughts.  Mr. Solution would rather indict on principle.  Mr. Solution sides with censorship in exchange for his manifesto, a transparent attempt to deny another of his soul.  His witch-hunting is insignificant and galling.  In a world that requires the opposite to take charge, all I can hope for is that all points of view can be shared with the promise of understanding and limited belligerence. 

-Jewish Producer

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Temple of Objective Thought, Preparing for Sunday's Atheist Church

The Temple of Objective Thought is a lifestyle motto adopted by Jewish Producer and Mr. Midnight Movie.  Says Jewish Producer: "I come from a family of news reporters and artistic agents of change who fell in to success by their uncanny ability to remain  objective, reasonable, fair and unusual.  In many respects this is my drive.  It's also the reason I believe there's a lot of cheesenibblers who also happen to be the most pretentious, thoughtless, unaware, lifeless, sold out, uncharmingly fake monsters the world can fight against.  You know who you are, if you're squirming around in your chair with an uncomfortable feeling in your gut, then YES, I am referring to you."
Jewish Producer reclines in his chair, takes a sip of his Jet Fuel coffee and smiles as he reflects on his words.

Mr. Midnight Movie is not so quick to point fingers, but, as he says: "Yes Jewish can get up in people's face about these things, but I have to remain stoic.  I have my doubts about some people, but when it comes to finding success in drawing a larger audience, I would like to avoid persecuting anyone for flaws in their personality that can't be fixed.  I find a lot of people simply will not accept accountability for their real actions.  Maybe they just aren't aware.  We are currently looking for investors to help us, and we have some people interested in learning more about what we are about, and I just want them to see all the positive things we are interested in doing.  Ultimately, this is what will shine brightest, not putting these internet trolls on blast for lulz."
Mr. Midnight Movie takes a tiny nibble off the edge of his $17 burger that's overflowing with marinated onions, and "love" sauce, while Jewish Producer wags his head in disagreement.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Mr. Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer Discuss Soda Limitations

In 2012, Mr Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer discussed a ban on big (15 ounces or more) soft drinks.  Fair or too much government meddling in your life? Discuss.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

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