Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Felt Tipped Pen Pictures of UFOs

If you look close enough you might find that a lot of the bands that you like have a song or two in their collection about UFOs.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer 404'd from Blogtalkradio

In a baffling move by the heads at Blogtalkradio, an online radio network, Inflammatory Talk was taken down and archives yanked for good.  "Communications with the website administrators and even a tweet to CEO Andy Levy were not met with responses," Jewish Producer reports.

The actions followed an episode of Inflammatory Talk that will go down in history as one of the greatest podcast troll take-downs of all-time.  Mr. Solution, a regular caller to the show for over a year, had been coming to the show and talking to Mr. Midnight Movie by his first name.  His utter lack of civility and class has been demonstrated regularly, every time he called the show, in fact.  And after the verbal abuse he drizzled on the Inflammatory Talk hosts from time to time, it only seemed fair to get some compliance from the ego-maniac.

But this was a mere blip on the hundreds of hours of archive we were sitting on at BTR, so to get completely wiped off their network without a warning or any explanation after the fact explains in full detail just what BTR is all about. 

Honestly, aside from the pleasant platform they offer services they are a disgrace of an organization.

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