Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How To Reach Out & Contact The Fine Folks @ Mr Midnight Movie

Mr Midnight Movie - Mr Midnight Movie is searching for any all ways to let out his inner "skinny man." He loves Fatty Arbuckle, got an upset stomach from a man selling ribs outta the back of his van, and wears a fanny pack at work.  "I'm trying to let the people know that prostitution must be legalized as should Caning for criminals."

Jewish Producer - Born in the San Fernando Valley, Jewish Producer met Mr Midnight Movie one day after a heated meeting at Sony Studios. MMM was walking his corn dog cart, and JP bought his "fresh-injected" Cream Cheese Corndog. They have walked the line ever since. JP has worked on various low and high budget projects, in a variety of capacities, in his career behind the scenes.  "My favorite word is FREE."

Angry Guy From Detroit - If you were born in Detroit and had to drink Faygos all day, you'd lose it too. AG moved to L.A. to "gain lucrative parts in films where sucking off the star is not a requirement," and "unleash a lifetime of pent up sexual and politically motivated rage on production sets." He has roles in various sitcoms, feature films and 1/8th page ads in trashy classified sections and was mugged the 1st time he tried selling merchandise on Craigslist.  "Hey, pssst... buddy, gotcher Tom Selleck DVD collection right here."

For general inquiries, send emails to jsmrite@gmail.com

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