Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mr Midnight Movie 4 BTR President

Who do you want to be the next Blogtalkradio Late-Night President? The position of Blogtalkradio Late-Night President is a position of many responsibilities. Can Goofy Bone, a hardened rehabilitated criminal do the job of BTR Late-Night President? How about the much-ballyhooed Vince in the Bay? He's got a voice of gold, that kid does. And of course there's the lovely gal, Desert Rose, who would make a caring, honest, hard-working Blogtalkradio Late-Night President. We here find that Mr. Midnight Movie, the inventive, world-famous, indignant, inflammatory but diplomatic host of the Mr. Midnight Movie Experience, would be the right person to carry the voice of the every day listener to Blogtalkradio high-ups. Yes, you might ask, "Who is higher than president of late-night?" Good question. The Blogtalkradio Late-Night President is a representative, or better yet, a union-like entity that will make sure that your concerns are heard by the daytime suits. If you have issues and concerns for what Todd Morris has done to create a world of hatred and foul language, ho-ism, male lactations and dairy flatulence, then make sure you pick the right party to carry out your wishes for a better tomorrow. You only live once, so don't pick based on lamest tattoo, bowel irregularity, bi-polarbearism, or schitzophrenia.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/who-will-be-blogtalkradio-president-in-2012/question-3233899/" title="Who will be Blogtalkradio President in 2012?">Who will be Blogtalkradio President in 2012?</a>

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