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Mr Midnight Movie joins the BackLot Film Festival

The BackLot Film Festival is going on its fifth year and has asked Mr. Midnight Movie to be a part of their program!

What is the Backlot Film Festival?  Let us take a look at their philosophy in a nutshell...

The Backlot Film Festival was created in 2004 to cultivate an appreciation of the rich heritage of the motion picture industry and to bring greater understanding of the debt that contemporary filmmakers owe to early film pioneers. It is from Kevin Brownlow’s masterpiece on the history of the silent film The Parade’s Gone By that The Backlot Film Festival takes its direction:

Whatever future, cinema may have will be based solidly on its past. Time is a human conception, very much like the motion picture. It’s all there, but we have to live it. You cannot enjoy the last reel unless you know what happened in the first.

The mission of The Backlot Film Festival is twofold:

• To give independent filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work for industry executives and distributors;

• To create a better understanding of the major art form of the last one hundred plus years.

With the goal of educating, encouraging and empowering new filmmakers in the production process of filmmaking and the art of storytelling, The Backlot Film Festival aims to continue this ongoing dialogue on the future of film while recognizing and revealing the wonders of the past.

Here's our latest "film" which is horseplay  -  we have more great content on the horizon!

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