Sunday, June 30, 2013

SCRIPTING DAY 45: The Countdown Begins

You are invited, nay, thus inspired to contribute your thoughts about a vision for an upcoming Mr. Midnight Movie feature film. Of course we know there will be head nods, left and right and all around, to the historical role film and music have in relation to main theme of our documentation. But stand firm in your knowledge that what Mr. Midnight Movie truly seeks is the answers the questions he finds of particular importance to unfurling the barriers to the American Dream. Is America dumber now that in Ancient Rome? When I was about 14 years old I called a radio station in Los Angeles to talk to Ira Fistell. He was the jack-of-all-areas-of-discussion, a sort of human dictionary or thesaurus. A new topic every day, well-thought out attacks and raves on American culture. I proposed then that Americans were losing the art of conversation. I guess I thought about these things, but even then I had the sense that Americans, or at least those valley folks I was getting to know all too well, were slowly dissolving in their luxuries. See from the time I was a small boy to that time I become a pre-pubescent or tween, I realized the changes which were profound in a way that I could understand trends. Picking up on trends maybe saved me, socially, and I am thankful that to this very day I know there's good opportunity to find projects to work on with like-minded people who can relate to that 14 year old boy who saw a decline in the art of conversation. Interchanging ideas with folks on a level that didn't always deal with hardcore numbers. I hear the Asians are changing that and evolving that concept to a higher level that we're kinda catching up with. It shows in customer service, but thankfully there's Yelp wannabe's (had to be, they even got to YELP! Gulp!) Salesmen offer gut-wrenching experiences! Lawyers will look at you and make you question being born in the first place. Even when their on YOUR side! Books you discover later in life make you wonder what the hell took so long to get learned. No sex, no drugs, to wine no women. Everyone avoids everyone, and here's we're left with How do you communicate with other people? See when I was 14 I don't think I was able to process what good communication even meant outside of my own experience growing up in a family that never made any sense. As the years passed, I listened less and less to Ira, but the memory of that experience remained. All I knew is that people were communicating in different, depersonalized ways with no end of the de-evolutionary behavior in sight. When I raise the same question now, I see an entirely different decomposition as the root problem. This is a story that requires input. Maybe you can answer the questions that Mr. Midnight Movie asks.

And remember, Sunday nights is Mr. Midnight Movie's Atheist Church.  Come help us (re) discover that notion that there is a man who started all of this, and the book that tells us this is never to be questioned.  What do you question more - the existence of one God, or the media?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Is Kim Kardashian A Sellout For Dating Kanye?

One of our more interesting topics, this show was an interesting romp through the process of natural selection. Kayne doesn't like a lot of things, it seems. Maybe the dumber one is, the less he/she finds of particular significance in the world because that man is a shit talking hater of one and all. Congrats, what a catch, Kardashian. And now with their baby, #NorthWest, their prize memory of when they hit it, the lovely family has something to share.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mr. Solution Plans Attack On Mr. Midnight Movie (1939)

Watch as Mr. Solutions attempts to survive the challenge of his life...

Friday, June 21, 2013


Paula Dean lost her job today for saying the words "Chocolate face," as an adjective.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

BTR late-night President Todd Morris Goes Bowling With GoofyBone (English Version)

With all of the late-night drama on Blogtalkradio, Mr. Midnight Movie presents you with some startling behind-the-scenes outtakes featuring BTR late-night President, Todd Morris, and Cholo-brony GoofyBone. These two animals go at each other like a couple of wild baboons.

Debi Daly Goes Bananas On Bathtubgirl Live on the Air

WOMAN DRAMA: We're being told that last night's show, June 08, 2013, was our best show in several months. However, this compliment came from a drunk Aussie named Monkey Shoes so it's not to be considered gospel. Why not decide for yourself?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mr. Solution Meets Bathtub Girl

Watch as these two get to know each other a little better...

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