Tuesday, May 9, 2017

LETTER: Narrative of white guilt

I am writing this letter after listening to a Radio 702 debate hosted by Eusebius McKaiser on the legacy of former president FW de Klerk.
This comes after a black boy in Coligny was allegedly murdered by white farmers, who were released on bail by a black magistrate.
In addition, President Jacob Zuma has lashed out at white people for marching against the crisis in our country. This has prompted some senior leaders in the ANC to complain that white people are committing treason.
An unfortunate narrative is developing that says all white people are guilty by virtue of the colour of their skin. If we were to adopt the approach, then all black men would have to be locked up if a black man commits a rape.
Just because the radio host concerned happens to be black does not mean he understands or shares my views on race issues. As it happens, I almost always disagree with his views on race and sexuality.
What McKaiser does not realise is that he is no different from the presenters at ANN7, who lack objectivity when they are passionate about a particular issue.
Lazola Vabaza Pretoria


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