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Thursday, August 28, 2014

JP's Skype Chat With Mr. Solution

MR. SOLUTION: Hello JP, I ttrust that my communication finds you in the highest of spirits ;) Please see below the email that I forwarded to our beloved Truth Clown #1... Hi Truth-Clown; send me the link to your new show on Spreaker. Being an internet 1st amendment Super Hero, I knew one of your superior debate prowess could not be party to such a vaccous wiin as was alleged in our most recent debate debacle. Mr. Solution - I am also cc-ing our lovable villiage idiot and twin Truth Clown JP.


Jewish Producer: I will forward this to the world and Mr. Midnight Movie, grammatical errors/typos included. Also remember that you went running to Goofybone as if you were about to attempt some grand coup de grĂ¢ce on MMM and please, if I may, fart in your general direction. This was a cowardice, transparent gambit. Smooth move, exlax. I look forward to more of your similarly fumbled punts.

Monday, June 10, 2013

BTR late-night President Todd Morris Goes Bowling With GoofyBone (English Version)

With all of the late-night drama on Blogtalkradio, Mr. Midnight Movie presents you with some startling behind-the-scenes outtakes featuring BTR late-night President, Todd Morris, and Cholo-brony GoofyBone. These two animals go at each other like a couple of wild baboons.

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