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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mr Midnight Movie 4 BTR President

Who do you want to be the next Blogtalkradio Late-Night President? The position of Blogtalkradio Late-Night President is a position of many responsibilities. Can Goofy Bone, a hardened rehabilitated criminal do the job of BTR Late-Night President? How about the much-ballyhooed Vince in the Bay? He's got a voice of gold, that kid does. And of course there's the lovely gal, Desert Rose, who would make a caring, honest, hard-working Blogtalkradio Late-Night President. We here find that Mr. Midnight Movie, the inventive, world-famous, indignant, inflammatory but diplomatic host of the Mr. Midnight Movie Experience, would be the right person to carry the voice of the every day listener to Blogtalkradio high-ups. Yes, you might ask, "Who is higher than president of late-night?" Good question. The Blogtalkradio Late-Night President is a representative, or better yet, a union-like entity that will make sure that your concerns are heard by the daytime suits. If you have issues and concerns for what Todd Morris has done to create a world of hatred and foul language, ho-ism, male lactations and dairy flatulence, then make sure you pick the right party to carry out your wishes for a better tomorrow. You only live once, so don't pick based on lamest tattoo, bowel irregularity, bi-polarbearism, or schitzophrenia.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mr. Midnight Movie Fundraiser: 2 BURNING MAN 2012 TICKETS!

Since the Mr. Midnight Movie Experience was dubbed "Burning Man for the Mind" sometime last year by a man who caught our 1st film festival at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica we have been chasing that dream to present our material in the grandest fashion to the widest audience. This year has been a difficult year to say the least and the Mr. Midnight Movie team at our budget summit in August has decided that it will donate our last TWO 2012 Burning Man Tickets to the highest bidder(s). They can be requested individually or as a pair. Opening bid is $2,500 for the pair, and $1,400 if bidding for an individual ticket. Donations will be used for improving the production infrastructure for our proposed documentary to be filmed in late 2012. Winning bidder(s) will get the tickets, and associate producer status on our film. August 12th will be the last day to bid so hurry up and make your bid in the comment section, or email me at The winner(s) ticket(s) will be shipped UPS overnight.

Monday, July 16, 2012

#occupyMrMidnightMovie Visits #occupyLA - Truth Behind Occupy LA

Mr Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer recently created a new cause to Occupy Mr. Midnight Movie. Has the Occupy movement given itself a chance for survival in a world where the band Beachhouse has taken the country by storm? Hell no. Hipsters want to buy this stuff, they don't want a stupid torrent! Mr. Midnight Movie wants his, and he tells the story of why here as they approach the occupy L.A. encampment which Jewish Producer likens to District 8. The visit to occupy L.A. taught the Mr. Midnight Movie team an important lesson - be safe, don't talk to strangers without proper awareness of your surroundings and most importantly, EVERYONE is watching. Whether you agree with the Occupy L.A. movement or think it's a waste of time, you'll want to check out this video and decide if you are more educated on the matter.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Mr. Midnight Movie Experience Paper!

We know you've been looking forward to this!  See the sidebar and have a look.  Mr. Midnight Movie Productions recently had a Kickstarter proposal approved and will soon be launched.  We'll need your help if we are to get this production moving so keep up with our updates, check it out and help us any way you can.

@ Tonight's Production Meeting

[12:32:08 AM] Jewish Producer: this fucking thing
[12:32:22 AM] Jewish Producer: is going to be awesome.
[12:32:57 AM] mr midnight movie: ok steal and cheat and make it original

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