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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Spreaker and Blogtalkradio Merger Is A Big Deal

Spreaker & BlogTalkRadio announced today that their respective Boards have approved a merger of the two companies that promises to create the leading technology platform for podcast creation and monetization. The combined entity is comprised of more than 50,000 podcasts, millions of listeners globally, and a proprietary suite of creation and monetization technologies that enable podcasters to manage each step of the creation, distribution and commercialization process with an easy to use, all in one solution.
Francesco Baschieri, co-founder and CEO of Spreaker, who will serve as President of the combined company, said, “We’re combining Spreaker’s best-in-class mobile and web content management system and creation tools with BlogTalkRadio’s first-to-market monetization platform. The merged company operates at massive scale delivering unique value to independent hosts, podcast networks, and larger mainstream publishers alike.”
Baschieri added, “BlogTalkRadio recently released its ‘big data’ audience data solution, Cortex. Through the combination of this technology platform with Spreaker’s sophisticated mobile apps and creation tools, we can deliver the ‘holy grail’ to the podcasting industry -- targeted buys enriched by analytics and audience data that provide extremely high accuracy and transparency to advertisers, while also providing rich feedback loops for content creators to improve their content. This tightly-coupled capability, supported by Spreaker’s existing promotional deals and distribution channels with the likes of iHeartRadio, iTunes and Sonos, will make our company an instant leader in the space.”
In connection with the merger, shareholders from each of Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio will be making investments in support of the combined company’s growth plan, which will be rolled out over the next several months. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Team members from both companies will be participating on panels and exhibitions at the industry’s largest event, the Podcast Movement (#PM17), in Los Angeles, CA, from August 23-25.

Hal Bringman

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our Martin Luther King, Jr. Show

Well, as per usual we suffer through some awful sound problems but if you carry on, particularly to about a 1/3 of the way in and take it all the way home from there you'll feel enlightened.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

JP's Skype Chat With Mr. Solution

MR. SOLUTION: Hello JP, I ttrust that my communication finds you in the highest of spirits ;) Please see below the email that I forwarded to our beloved Truth Clown #1... Hi Truth-Clown; send me the link to your new show on Spreaker. Being an internet 1st amendment Super Hero, I knew one of your superior debate prowess could not be party to such a vaccous wiin as was alleged in our most recent debate debacle. Mr. Solution - I am also cc-ing our lovable villiage idiot and twin Truth Clown JP.


Jewish Producer: I will forward this to the world and Mr. Midnight Movie, grammatical errors/typos included. Also remember that you went running to Goofybone as if you were about to attempt some grand coup de grĂ¢ce on MMM and please, if I may, fart in your general direction. This was a cowardice, transparent gambit. Smooth move, exlax. I look forward to more of your similarly fumbled punts.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Out Of Here

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer 404'd from Blogtalkradio

In a baffling move by the heads at Blogtalkradio, an online radio network, Inflammatory Talk was taken down and archives yanked for good.  "Communications with the website administrators and even a tweet to CEO Andy Levy were not met with responses," Jewish Producer reports.

The actions followed an episode of Inflammatory Talk that will go down in history as one of the greatest podcast troll take-downs of all-time.  Mr. Solution, a regular caller to the show for over a year, had been coming to the show and talking to Mr. Midnight Movie by his first name.  His utter lack of civility and class has been demonstrated regularly, every time he called the show, in fact.  And after the verbal abuse he drizzled on the Inflammatory Talk hosts from time to time, it only seemed fair to get some compliance from the ego-maniac.

But this was a mere blip on the hundreds of hours of archive we were sitting on at BTR, so to get completely wiped off their network without a warning or any explanation after the fact explains in full detail just what BTR is all about. 

Honestly, aside from the pleasant platform they offer services they are a disgrace of an organization.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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