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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Writer's Contest: Jewish Producer v. Debi Daly Part 1 of 2, Titled "IheartRadio or Bust"

PART 1 of 2 - Writing contest: The proposal calls for Debi and Jewish Producer to each write a 300 word (minimum) essay.  Each essay will be displayed without the author's name attached to the post.   You the reader will have to determine the author of each penned blog-post.  See below, read the first post and guess who wrote it in the comment section.. Is the author of the following Debi or JP????

Essay #1:


Thank you for taking a moment to read my recommendation to IheartRadio’s talent recruitment to bring Jewish Producer and Mr Midnight Movie’s Inflammatory Talk Podcast aboard the IHeartRadio podcasting team.  FYI: Their show is Spreaker ID #7484646 on to the Spreaker network.  The boys have been producing shows since 2011, and we have been podcasting associates for most of the time since they joined me at my show on a regular basis.  I often frequent their show, and often times we discuss ways to produce excellent Spreaker and IheartRadio programs.  Though I believe this podcasting team oozes endless amounts of talent, I still wonder what they ever would have done without me.  Of course I’m only kidding.  These guys mean the world to me and they do deserve the recognition.

Please consider having them on your format (they currently have a Spreaker show under review with IheartRadio) because they offer a unique point of view presented in an entertaining format.   Bringing Inflammatory Talk to your network will boost your late night live programming.  Since my show has enjoyed a lot of success (600+ listens per show, on average) my show does even better when Mr. Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer join my podcast.  My fans love them!  They have always been respectful and interested in making Spreaker a better place to podcast.  More importantly, they respect their audience - and their audience has remained loyal to them for several years.  Even the haters my show sometimes attracts would admit that Inflammatory Talk is an epic study of topics and most people are interested in the vast knowledge Mr. Midnight Movie exudes, and they want to know more!  These guys are constantly working on their performances but really it may be their camaraderie that shines through every bumbling mistake or winning joke that they make that truly makes this show special.

Inflammatory Talk is highly recommended by me, Debi Daly of the Debi Daly Network on Spreaker and IheartRadio,
Debi Daly

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