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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Calling Out Amazing Atheist and The Young Turks

Find out why Mr. Midnight Movie disagrees with Amazing Atheist and The Young Turks. Mr. Midnight Movie has offered a challenge to Amazing Atheist because he feels that Amazing Atheist offers crappy emotional arguments to support his twisted claims about race relations. Similarly, Mr. Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer are sick of emotional rhetoric used by The Young Turks, and thusly, both are offered the challenge to call the Mr. Midnight Movie Podcast, Inflammatory Talk. Should either Amazing Atheist or The Young Turks accept such a challenge, the talk will be inflammatory so stay tuned to the Mr. Midnight Movie website for updates.

Friday, September 7, 2012

No Menopausal Rage

Menopausal Rage is most often associated with women who are not able to cope with post-midlife crisis'. It can be unassuming, and you might be filled with love, compliments and encouragement until something more appealing steals all the attention. It could happen at a supermarket, library, online radio shows, and on the freeway. It might be the most benign disturbance in comfort, or the pointing out of her weakness that sparks the menopausal rage. Once stirred the menopausal rage becomes an unstoppable monster with green blood that strikes loud, long and hard. Menopausal rage doesn't play fair, lying, cheating, pinching and screaming like no man in history has been able to achieve in a convincing manner. If there's nothing worse than a woman scorned, Mr. Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer would like to know what it is...

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